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The Villages Democratic Club

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How Lobbyists for Retirees Get the Attention of Congress 
Wed. Feb.19, 2020
NRLN Villages Chapter Meeting

Laurel Manor Recreation Center – Jefferson Room
1985 Laurel Manor Drive, The Villages

2:00 pm doors open, 2:30 pm program

contact@nrln.org or call toll free 1-866-360-7197 to identify how many will attend.

·         OVERVIEW - upcoming NRLN Lobbying efforts in Washington DC with legislators who represent
The Villages: Representative Daniel Webster (FL-11) and Florida Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio

·         NRLN Speakers’ Bureau Presenter Doris Branson, Ed.D., M.Ed., M.S.N., R.N. will give an informative  talk on “The Empowered Patient – How to be Your Own Healthcare Advocate.”

·         Issues Being Lobbied are:

Opposing Medicare Privatization: Oppose the use of taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies for Medicare Advantage plans to move Medicare toward privatization. Advocate grandfathering benefits for Medicare Advantage plan participants if Medicare is privatized.

De-risking: This corporate action takes place through a lump sum offer and purchase of annuities to replace a pension plan. NRLN believes there should be legislation that any surplus funds from a terminated pension plan following de-risking should go to sustain retirees’ health care and life insurance benefits.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Spin-off: Protecting retirees’ benefits when corporations engage in these actions.

Reduce Price of Prescription Drugs: Support the NRLN’s position on the need for legislation to allow Medicare to do competitive bidding for lower prescription drug prices; end pay-for-delay and other brand name drug makers’ tactics that obstruct generics and allow importation of safe and less expensive drugs from Canada.

Military Prescription Drugs Co-pay Increase: Oppose the 25% increase in co-pay for prescription drugs that is a burden to members of the USA Military and their families. Increases are due to burden shifting to pay for other DoD budget elements.

If you will attend the meeting, please click “Reply” or send an email to contact@nrln.org or call the NRLN’s toll free phone number 1-866-360-7197 to identify the number who will attend.


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