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The Neighborhood Buzz - 11/17/19


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Neighborhood Buzz


Editor - Jerry Meyer

The Villages Democratic Club

Monthly General Meeting

Saaturday-- December 14, 2019

Meeting Location Moved to:

La Hacienda Rec Center - 1200 Avenida Central

All else remains the same.  

Thanks for your cooperation!

Doors open at 9:00 am, for registration refreshments, browsing information tables  .Program at 9:30 am.

Speaker:   Brandon Peters, Director of the FDP Voter Protection Commission



Monthly Food Drive

The food pantry collection this month will be for the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry.

Food Drive Chair Norm Davis says they need the usual items, but lately have been coming up short on canned fruit and canned meats so you may want to take that into consideration.

The usual needs at the pantry are:  canned good, meats (including tuna) soups, vegetables, pastas, sauces, fruits, beans, beef stew, boxed goods, cereal, white rice, pasta, soups, mac & cheese, cake or muffin mix, powdered milk, crackers, cookies, paper goods, cleaning fluids and hygiene products.

Don't Forget:  if you are renewing your membership or joining the club the 15% discount is in effect through 12/31.

A big thank you from Membership Director Lydia Busch to everyone who helped initiate the new online membership program, which is much more efficient.

Having paid your dues and wearing your badge with the number 20 attached will be a benefit at meetings as winter visitors return and prospective members visit.

How about a membership as a Christmas Gift?  Give a friend the gift of membership and bring them to a meeting.

Don't Forget: if you haven't picked up the membership badge you requested before Sept. 30, 2019, please do so or  contact:


to make arrangements to get your badge.

All non-claimed 2019 badges will be discarded as of January 1st.

You may use your 2019 badge and get a "20" sticker attached when you renew your membership for 2020.

Save the club and yourself the expense of ordering a new badge by picking up your badge before the end of the year.

No monthly breakfast in December!

The date fell on December 24th, so it didn't seem a good idea.

Back to the regular schedule January 28, 2020



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