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The Villages Democratic Club

Democratic Club Meeting

March 14, 2020

Membership has its privileges - club members will be seated first.
Join online at https://thevillagesdemocrats.com/Join
Arrive early to get a wristband for entry, and your seat.

Doors open at 9 am 
Program starts at 9:30
Guest Speaker

David Jolly
U.S. Representative (2014-2017)
Frequent MSNBC and CNN commentator

Since leaving office, Jolly has become a prominent Republican critic of U.S. President Donald Trump. In September 2018
Jolly and his wife left the Republican Party.

David Jolly.jpg

The Villages Democratic Club is the largest Democratic Club in all of Florida. Each year we have about a thousand paid members and another 500-1,000 people who will drop in to hear a special speaker or to enjoy a specific program.  Our membership is mostly registered Democrats, but also left-leaning Independents with similar values! We are a social club with a strong base of activist Democrats. 

We have our regular Monthly Meetings on the second Saturday of the month in the Colony Cottage ballroom.  Doors open at 9:00 AM for announcements on slides.  Program begins at 9:30.  We continue to host widely acclaimed speakers and programs dedicated to current issues.

Our Monthly Breakfasts are also a good way to get to know Democrats! We meet at World of Beer in Spanish Springs, on the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 9 AM. No agenda… but a few announcements, great food, and conversation. $12.00 includes breakfast, beverage, tip, and talk!

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The ultimate guide to the Donald Trump impeachment saga (on VOX)
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