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Make Sure Your Vote Counts!!

Voter Registration

Is your voter registration up-to-date? 

Many people can no longer vote because they’ve been purged from the rolls, or their signatures have changed. If your original registration signature is several years old, it may no longer look the same as you write it now. It might be time to register again and update your signature. 

Click HERE to watch a brief video (<2 mins) that explains the process.

To check your status or update your voter info online, click the following link or go to  https://registertovoteflorida.gov/home.  

Or, call the county elections office where you reside.

County Elections Office Numbers

Sumter - 352-569-1540
Lake - 352-343-9734
Marion - 352-620-3290


Click the appropriate link to visit YOUR county Supervisor of Elections webpage for up-to-date in-person voting information.

If you live in Sumter County:

If you live in Lake County:

If you live in Marion County:

Vote By Mail

Why Vote by Mail (VBM)?

  • In 2018, Florida Democratic voter turnout was 64.2%
  • In 2018, Florida Democratic VBM voter turnout was 87.6%
  • In 2018, Florida Democrats without VBM had voter turnout of 55%
  • In presidential election years the VBM voting rate is over 90%

"The coronavirus pandemic has made it abundantly clear that our voting methods need to be modernized to evolve with the changing world. Our government should be expanding programs like vote-by-mail so people can vote securely and safely in their own home, instead of limiting them." ~  Source: The Florida Democratic Party official Twitter account.

In a March 2020 appearance on CNN, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Juan Peñalosa told anchor Don Lemon: 

“If we truly believe that our democracy is founded on the principle of one person one vote, we need to update our voting systems to keep up with the times.” Peñalosa continued how we had done so before: “In 2018, Florida Democrats wanted to expand the electorate. We enrolled 500,000 Democrats in to vote by mail programs and it's not a surprise that it worked. In fact, one in four people voted by mail in 2018 who had never voted in a midterm before. “

WATCH: How to fill out your ballot

Make Sure Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot Counts!

Signing your Vote-by-Mail (VBM) Envelope

The VBM envelope pictured at the left is a CORRECT sample. You'll find your name printed (circled in blue) below the Barcode.

Households that have more than one VBM voter often accidentally switch envelopes. This invalidates your vote!

You can check that your ballot was received and counted by going online to the Voter Information Lookup form on your county's Supervisor of Elections website, or by clicking one of the links below:

Lookup Form for Sumter County

Lookup form for Marion County

Lookup form for Lake County


Useful Information from the Sumter Democratic Executive Committee (SC-DEC)

Voter Outreach and Protection

Two programs dedicated to helping voters in Sumter County are administered out of our partner organization - the Sumter Democratic Executive Committee (DEC)  office.

The Voter Outreach Program, headed up by State Committeeman Bob Berg, monitors and directs activities related to voter registration, enrollment in Vote-by-Mail, and all aspects of the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort in Sumter County.

The Voter Protection Program , chaired by State Committeewoman Cris Anderson, is part of a larger Florida Democratic Party effort to remove impediments to voter participation in Florida elections.

Visit the Sumter DEC website for more details on these programs.

Contact Information

Sumter DEC Voter Outreach
  Bob Berg, bergrober@gmail.com 

Sumter DEC Voter Protection
  Cris Anderson, elenwood618@gmail.com


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